L-Fashion Group Oy
Tiilimäenkatu 9, 15680 Lahti
PL 55, 15501 Lahti
VAT ID No. 01491585
(later ”Icepeak” or ”Organiser”)


Campaign name: Icepeak #TestedOutThere Photo Challenge
Time of the campaign: spring 2018
(later ”Campaign” or “raffle”)

Campaign period

The Campaign and raffle start on 19th March 2018 and end on 6th May 2018. Entries submitted after the campaign period will not be accepted.

How to participate in the Campaign raffle?

You can enter the Campaign and raffle by taking a fun photo that seems impossible (example photos on the campaign site). IMPORTANT: the photo is uploaded on Instagram and marked with both the hashtag/identifier #TestedOutThere and Icepeak’s Instagram account username @Icepeak_Official. Make sure you remember to use these two identifiers. One participant can enter several photos in the raffle if he/she wishes.

Campaign prizes and announcing the winner

In the Icepeak #TestedOutThere Photo Challenge campaign we raffle a product prize (value 1 000 euros) among all participants at random on a weekly basis. We raffle altogether six (6) product prizes: one (1) product prize per week. The winners will be notified personally via Instagram messages. The Organiser has the right to publish the winner’s Instagram account username and/or the winner’s name on the Organiser’s campaign site, on the Organiser’s Facebook page or on the Organiser’s Instagram account.

Redeeming the Campaign prizes

The product prizes will be delivered to the winners after the campaign period. The clothing sizes of the product prizes will be decided based on the information provided by each winner. As far as possible, we will take into account each winner’s wishes; however, the value of one product prize must be equal to one thousand (1 000) euros, as announced in the Campaign. The product prizes will be coordinated with each winner separately.

In case the participant has given faulty or incomplete contact information or if the prize notification or the prize cannot be delivered to the winner because of other reasons not caused by or related to the Organiser, the Organiser is not obliged to deliver the prize. The prizes cannot be changed into money or other goods. The Organiser has the right to refuse to give away the prize due to unsatisfactory eligibility or other equivalent factor. The number of the available prizes is limited. The prizes will only be delivered to countries that take part in the Campaign.

If the participant has given false or incomplete contact information or if we are not able to contact the winner by the end of 14th May 2018, the Organiser has a right to draw a new winner.


All persons who are at least 18 years old can participate in the raffle of the Icepeak #TestedOutThere Photo Challenge campaign. Written parental consent is required for children under the age of 18. The participant is responsible for acquiring the consent and having it at hand when notified about the win. Excluded from participation in the prize draw are the employees of the Corporation of the Organiser or of other companies that have been part of this raffle or planning and executing the campaign related to it.

Campaign photos

The raffle can only be entered with a photo of which the entrant has full rights. The participant is responsible for obtaining a permission from all the people in the photo to publish and hand over the photo to the Organiser and for making sure that the material does not violate the rights of third parties, the law or good customs.

Should the Organiser have suspicion that the participant has tried to cheat or breached the rules, the Organiser may, at its discretion, ask the participant to provide the original photo or ask for additional information about the photo. The participant must respond to the enquiries without delay. The Organiser may also, at its discretion, exclude a participant’s photo. By participating in the Campaign, the participant definitively grants all rights to use the photo to the Organiser.

Right to use the photos

The Organiser has the right to use the sent photos, without renumeration to the participant, in its own material (e.g. on its websites, on brochures and in marketing). The person’s name will not be published in these cases, unless the person specifically asks for it.

The Organiser’s liability

The Organiser or the partners that have been part of planning and executing the Campaign are not responsible for possible damages caused by the use of the prize. The liability of the Organiser does not surpass the value or the amount of the prizes. The Campaign participant releases the Organiser and the partners involved in the Campaign from any damage that is caused or is claimed to have been caused by his/her participation in the Campaign. The liability of the Organiser towards the participants cannot surpass the value or quantity of the most valuable prize of the Campaign in any situation. The Organiser assumes no liability for problems or hindrance for participating in the raffle or receiving the prize caused by technical failures. The participant is responsible for the correctness of the contact information he/she gives the Organiser when participating.


The Organiser is responsible for paying the lottery tax in Finland and in other possible countries participating in the Campaign. The participant is responsible for other possible personal taxes related to the raffle prize.


Campaign entries not complying to these rules or other guidelines will be excluded. The Organiser has the right to deny individual participation in the Campaign and deny the prize should there be suspicion that the individual has tried to cheat or in other ways compromise the Campaign. If that happens, the Organiser is not obliged to compensate in any way for costs caused by the participation or for other costs. The Organiser reserves the right to change the Campaign rules, to cancel or alter the Campaign due to problems not caused by or related to the Organiser.

Handling of personal data

Participation in the raffle does not require giving personal data to the Organiser. Only the winners of the raffle are asked to provide personal data for redeeming the prize. The data provided for the prize redemption will be handled in accordance with the law.

Release of liability for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

The Campaign is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in any way. The participants release Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from all liabilities and claims related to the Campaign.

By participating in the Campaign, the participant accepts these Campaign rules and agrees to adhere to them.