ICEPEAK is one of the biggest sports clothing brands in Europe. 

Now available also for your beloved 4 legged friends.

Icepeak is introducing a collection of dog products for various sport activities. These products are designed to make doing sports with your pet more active, enjoyable and safe.

The collection is built around three main activities: 
Outdoor, Running&Training and Playtime.


In the Outdoor range, there are products for keeping your pet dry, warm or cool, whatever demanding surroundings you and your loyal companion might face on your adventures. Collars, leashes and harnesses are soft and comfortable, perfect for long journeys. There are also water-proof socks and warm fleece booties for protecting the paws on those rugged roads.


Running and Training products are light and well-fitted to endure demanding and furious activities. Running belt gives you the freedom to concentrate on your own movement without losing the control of your running pal at any time. Round collars and leashes are especially handy while on the move, light and easy to slip on. Grip series is designed to give you extra control when moving in high speeds, you never know who or what you might encounter around the next tree!


You must not forget the Playtime with your canine sport companion, whether it is rewarding, relaxing or just fooling around. In this collection group, there are inspiring toys for serious (or not so serious) tugging, throwing and bouncing. And when it is time to reload and take it easy after all that activity, we have soft blankets and beds for your beloved furry friend to snore on.