The negotiations started a year ago, and it soon became clear to both parties that this would be a great match. Icepeak is a brand of the Finnish Luhta Sportswear Company, which has over a century of experience in the manufacture of winter sports clothing. Icepeak has established its position in the sports clothing markets of 52 countries, and is an internationally successful sports clothing label.

“The Norwegian ski jumping team is proud to have such a big partner as Icepeak in the team. We represent an extreme sport loved by millions around the world, and having a partner from the big ski jumping nation of Finland means a lot. Ski jumping is about mastering the elements and the mind. And choosing quality in everything we do is the key to success. The family-run Luhta Sportswear Company has a long tradition in producing high-quality garments for the tough conditions in which we operate. And the fact that their garments look cool is just a bonus”, notes Bjørn Einar Romøren, marketing director of the Norwegian team. 

The co-operation will run until spring 2022, covering all World Ski Championships, World Cups, Ski-Flying World Championships and Summer Grand Prix events. Icepeak’s year-round offering also meets the needs of the Norwegian Ski Jumping Team who will compete in summer, as well. For Icepeak, the partnership offers the possibility to get valuable feedback from professional athletes and to use it for product development purposes.

Although the sport is limited to specific geographical areas, ski jumping has many fans in Norway, Finland, Japan, German-speaking and eastern European countries, giving it significant TV visibility. The most enthusiastic ski jumping nations are all included in Icepeak’s existing markets, and Luhta Sportswear Company looks to strengthen the brand’s position especially in those countries, but also in Asia where the company has high growth expectations. The Olympic Winter Games in Beijing in 2022 will make China the ski jumping centre of the world for two weeks, and Icepeak will gain visibility as the sponsor of one of the world’s best ski jumping teams.