January is one of those tricky transitional months. It is difficult to know how to dress properly. It might be cold, it might be rainy, or it might be windy. What’s the solution to this, you might ask: layering with a capital L.

When it comes to layering, there are some basic rules. First off, you need a base layer. Usually, base layers are used in winter sports when effective sweat wicking is crucial. Then, you need a midlayer that keeps you warm and comfy. On top of the midlayer, you should put a so-called shell layer to protect you from any of the elements: wind, rain or snow. If the arctic weather hits you hard, you might even need a fourth layer. This outer layer can be a vest or a shawl. By mixing and matching the layers, you’ll always be duly equipped to suit Mother Nature’s will.

Let’s give a real-life example of good layering.

Let’s start with finding a proper midlayer. It can be your trusted sweatshirt or hoodie, but what we recommend is a more technical item, such as our Baba midlayer.

  • It is made of breathable and warm Thermostrech material, which helps to beat the transitional months.
  • A high-quality midlayer is a good investment, since you can still wear it solo when the spring arrives.

Let’s move on to the shell layer. One of our favs is our Lina shell jacket.

  • This winter jacket has excellent qualities, such as waterproofness, breathability and fully taped seams. This means goodbye to breeze and other problems.
  • The fresh colours of this jacket also add some brightness to anyone’s day.

When the arctic weather hits you, level up your game with a fluffy vest. Check out Icepeak’s offering on vests:

  • Bina is a sporty and padded vest that keeps you comfortable thanks to its thermal insulation quality.
  • Thira vest is a lot classier compared to its sisters. Nevertheless, it keeps you warm and a nice big hood allows you to block the raindrops.
  • Simone is the choice for the most demanding conditions. It has the highest technical values, and the multifunctional elastic, windproof and waterproof material beats any weather.

Et voilá! Your master class is over. Now, you will always win the battle against the elements.