Great Icepeak products now also for our four-legged friends!

Icepeak is introducing a collection of dog products for various sport activities. These products are designed to make doing sports with your pet more active, enjoyable and safe.

IcepeakPet collection includes clothing, accessories, sports nutrition and activity toys –a full product concept that unleashes your four-legged personal trainer to give you a great workout.

CLOTHING includes jackets and midlayers to protect from wind, rain and cold, in order to keep the muscles warm and relaxed. They are carefully designed according to dog’s anatomy, to provide protection exactly in places where it is needed and to keep the products well-fitted even in the highest speeds.

ACCESSORIES include collars, leashes and harnesses especially designed for various sport surroundings. Light-weight, padded, water-proof or rubberized, whatever works the best for your chosen activity.

Icepeak has teamed up with the leading Finnish food supplement producer to develop a range of SPORT NUTRITIONS to meet the needs of an active dog. This full offering includes products for recovery after demanding training, energy and vitamin supplements, as well as training treats with function.

ACTIVITY TOYS include rings, balls and other dog training tools, made to motivate dogs and their owners to keep active. All products are produced in Europe from durable and safe materials.