Nordic Nature

The essence of the collection is best described as an urban streetwear style combined with a great many technical elements. It provides casual wear with clean lines and an easy, simple look for outdoor activities in town or in the nearby surroundings. Nature is a significant source and inspiration when it comes to prints and fabric choices.

The spring/summer collection is built around a travel theme with easy outfits for city and outdoor use on summer trips. The emphasis lies on lightness and cotton world that have both been put to good use in the broadened and updated trouser selection. Cotton trousers are found in many different styles in modern loose silhouettes.

For men, it’s the cargo look and earth tones – olive green, beige, brown – paired with dark blue that make up the season’s style. The print world brings in some fun attitude. Women’s prints are rather romantic, and the dark tones of the colour palette – olive green and brick red – are juxtaposed with light blue and soft pink. The shirt dress and the jumpsuit are both newcomers in the women’s collection. Hero products reveal an interesting combination of technicality and natural materials: cotton coats and jackets have been equipped with a waterproof membrane.


The most technical collection of Icepeak for all outdoor enthusiasts. Not merely for hiking mountains but also for a yoga session on the top or a run across hilly terrain. The line provides multi-sport clothing whose stretchy fits, technical materials and thought-through details are a perfect boost for an active outdoor life.

The common thread of the new spring/summer collection is a technical wool material that has been used for midlayers and jackets alike. In first layers, wool comes in the form of a merino wool blend, adding to wear comfort. As for the trousers, the definite highlight features a slim fit and a combination of softshell and tricot resulting in a functional and comfortable whole.

The men’s colour palette consists of bright shades and earthy tones. Reigning alongside sporty red, blue and black, there is a more feminine colour selection for women where dark purple and bright pink prevail. The season’s look is dynamic and clear, detailing is ergonomic and functions serve their purpose.

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure is the cornerstone of the whole Icepeak collection. It offers technical and functional products for year-round outdoor activities no matter the weather. Basic equipment for casual, occasional outdoor activities and outfits that meet the higher requirements of active outdoor people.

This season is all about easiness: The collection provides a complete set for a hike, and all products hardly take up any space when stowed away in the backpack. Easy packing instructions are even printed on one of the hero t-shirts of the collection. The trouser selection is versatile, and hero products include stretch shorts for both men and women. Pairing those with a light t-shirt and a midlayer topped off with sporty stitching, a fast-drying hero outfit is complete. Quick-dry products are the carrying theme throughout the line, and they offer many practical outfits in the season’s new colours for all outdoor pursuits.


Sport meets fashion. Icepeak’s newest collection looks to the fashion world for influences but interprets them in a technical way adjusting them to the sports brand DNA. Outletics is Icepeak’s reaction to the athleisure trend. The balance between technicality needed for outdoor activities and the trendiness required for city use works. The line provides multi-functional, young-minded products for open-minded, fashion-conscious consumers.

The Outletics collection makes its entrance with a trendy, travel-theme inspired selection. The products are easy to pack in the suitcase or in the gym bag, and they won’t wrinkle. The basic look is clean and easy, but the secret lies in the details. There are a few attention-grabbers amongst the selection, as well: an all-over digital printed women’s jacket with a fashionable diagonal zipper and a men’s jacket pairing black with yellow in a brave way. The colour palette for her ranges from earthy tones to chilli red. The men’s melange grey selection is brightened up by a bright yellow.


The Freezone collection embodies the true spirit of Icepeak: the young-minded, sporty and fun attitude. Energetic lifestyle, hanging out with friends and enjoying the free time outdoors – that’s what Freezone is all about. In terms of style, it represents the most young-at-heart, strongly streetwear-influenced line of Icepeak.

Freezone has renewed its look for the season. Cuts have experienced a rejuvenation with lowered shoulders, shorter sweatshirt designs and looser fits. The styles have reached out to the 90s and old school hip hop for influences. Prints are strong and sporty, and they stand out. All in all, the look of the collection is clean. With no unnecessary trims, also the colour world comes compact: white and black teamed up with classic red and yellow. For women, light pink makes for a softer image.

The season’s key look is made up of a t-shirt with a big print, a relaxed sweatshirt and sweatpants combo and a technical jacket with a streetwear vibe to put on over the rest.

High Summer

When the temperature is at its highest and the midsummer sun at its brightest, the High Summer collection offers lightweight garments in fresh colours for happy summer souls who seek easy and relaxed clothing for hanging out at the beach or in the city.

The print selection comes more extensive this season. One and the same t-shirt is not only available in several colours but also with different prints inspired by summer travels and a jungle theme. Print t-shirts and swimming shorts can be used to build a sporty outfit, whereas the piqués and tees with different washes give a preppier look when paired with cotton shorts.

Sesongin hero-tuotteet edustavat huolettoman rentoa kuuman kesäpäivän pukeutumista ohuine laatuineen, hauskoine koristeluineen ja puuvillamateriaaleineen. High Summer -valikoima on tarjolla myös pienemmissä ko’oissa perheen junioreille.


The Swimwear collection completes the high summer selection of Icepeak. Patterns and colours are used to create feminine as well as sportier bikinis and swimsuits. Men will find a selection of swim briefs and trunks. The collection provides chlorine-resistant products with UV protection.

The line between romantic and sporty is blurred in the newest swimwear line, for the number of sportswear styles is greater than before, but feminine holiday bikinis haven’t been excluded either. Sportiness doesn’t jump out. Instead, it shows in the products in a subtle, almost non-obvious way. Inspiration for the design language has been drawn from e. g. crop tops.

The patterns range from floral and jungle themes to graphic prints. In some cases, it was the beautiful pattern that led to the design, at other times a specific style was paired with a print matching its character. The palette has been perked up by open-mindedly mixing and matching colours and prints with each other. It is now possible to find different colour combinations for a single style, all featuring a different pattern.

For men, it is the more refined detailing and colour panels that lend the styles an updated look. One addition to the selection are short swimming shorts that are not only suitable for the beach but also for lap swimming in the pool.


Sporty and casual styles as well as colours and prints that match those in the apparel collection guarantee that everybody can find their own favourites from the broad array of Icepeak accessories.

The focus is on headwear: tricot beanies, caps and other headwear for outdoor activities and hiking, as well as summer hats for city streets and beach. Summer lightness comes from thin, quick-dry materials and mesh panels. Many of the products feature a protection factor of +30 against UV radiation. Interest to the surfaces has been created with embroidery, a digital printing technique and washed cotton as a newcomer quality. Scarves, socks and belts round off the collection.


Bags for sport and casual use. Comfortable backpacks for hiking and everyday city life and bags for weekend trips and other travels. When school starts in the autumn, look here for a new favourite schoolbag.

Summer bags and backpacks charm with their fresh patterns that pick inspiration from botanical world. Mesh and canvas materials add to the summer feel. The selection now includes a greater number of outdoor backpacks that are full of technical details and come with a supporting extra padding on the back. The season’s speciality is a super light backpack that can be folded and packed into its own pocket.


Juniors’ Spring Collection

Generation Next has been created for active juniors who love spending their free time outdoors. A versatile colour scheme is part of the Icepeak DNA and plays a significant role in this collection.м

Early spring’s softshell items and summer’s lighter selection encourage juniors to go play outside, as the collection provides technical materials and functional details for any weather. The Planet Utopia spirit and space theme have been the source and inspiration for the prints and patterns that are very graphic and make use of the brand’s logo in multiple ways. This season brings forth new silhouettes, including bomber-style jackets, shorter hoodies and outdoor-style stretch trousers.

The updated look shows in all of the girls’ and boys’ hero products that feature e. g. cotton blend tees, bright-coloured midlayers and softshell jackets equipped with big logos.

Ice Cream

The Ice Cream collection equips play-age kids with safe garments for year-round activities outdoors.

For the new spring/summer season, expect waterproof materials and more light items than before. Inspiration has been taken from the dreamworld, which shows in the rich use of colours and funny prints. The prints are truly unique, as they are designed in-house. All-over printed jackets are sure to keep their place amongst the most beloved items in the collection.

Swimwear Girls & Boys

Everything juniors need for a fun day on the beach or by the pool. Whether you’re looking for a bikini set, a swimsuit or swim shorts, you will find the perfect item in this collection. The collection provides chlorine-resistant products with UV protection.

The juniors’ swimwear line draws mainly on the adult’s patterns and colour world but with a dash more colour for the boys. A sporty feel shows in the new girls’ style where a sports-inspired top is teamed up with a hipster bottom. Long-legged swim trunks made of swimsuit material are a new addition to the boys’ selection.

Accessories Juniors & Kids

Sporty and casual styles, colours and prints matching those in the apparel collection. The cutest colours for play-age kids and the trendiest styles for fashion-conscious juniors.

Digital prints and washed cotton have been borrowed from the adults’ clothing line. Mesh material is used to make even lighter caps than before for the warmest days of the year, and all-over printed headwear thrills with summery floral and sprig motifs. To prevent kids from being exposed to harmful UV radiation, there are plenty of hats equipped with a neck panel and all play-age kids’ summer hats have an ultraviolet protection factor of 30. Tube scarves, gloves and colourful socks round off the selection.


Outdoor Hiking

If you are a lover of hiking, these boots are for you! Icepeak trekking footwear is designed specifically for long hikes in rocky, slippery, billowy, and more convenient areas. Wade a river or scale a mountain path? No worries! These shoes are water-resistant and offer high durability, perfect traction, protection, and stability – whatever your destination is!

Active Outdoor

Fancy active sports? Let Icepeak shoes for active type of vacations walk together with you! On a mountain trail, on a city crossroads, while walking a dog, when hunting for a treasure during a geocaching game, or at a weekend outside a city – this footwear will never let you down. These light shoes with high traction offer comfort, are worn wonderfully and let your feet be always dry.

Urban Outdoor

These shoes are made for cities. With Icepeak city footwear collection you will enjoy comfortable and stylish leisure time in the open both in and outside a city. This comfortable and trendy footwear fits many purposes and is designed for shopping, walking, or traveling in any weather.


Enjoy warm weather and the best season for vacations! Ditch your socks and wear the coolest summer clothes. Wearing light and soft bright-colored footwear from the Sun collection you will always feel at best and look wonderful on a beach.