We all know how November can be a little bit overwhelming with its endless greyness and rainy weather. Don’t worry, Icepeak has your back!

Even though the mother nature tries to hold you down, you can still go outside and enjoy the outdoors. Ditch your umbrella and have little dance in the rain! Jump in puddles and see who can make the biggest splash. Remember to jump high!

If your mood is not quite there, you can enjoy also some lighter activities in nature. Take your whole family with you and take a long walk in the rain. The kids can explore how all the little animals are seeking shelter from the rain, like birds and other creatures.

To keep yourself dry during the rainy November days, do check out our waterproof jackets. In addition to the high technical levels in our jackets, Icepeak offers bright, bold, and fun colors in its collection. Life is too short to be too serious all the time! Check out our waterproof Kate jacket that embodies Icepeak’s young-minded and sporty style. The colorful stripes guarantee that the grey weather sure can’t spoil the fun!