Adventures for your Ski Break

It hasn’t been the best winter here in the Nordics so far, as there has been more rain than snow. However, what you make out of this winter is your decision. Ski breaks are around the corner, so it is time to plan the craziest adventure of all time.

1. Call your friends
2. Pack your bags with Icepeak’s outdoor gear

3. Off you go to the best ski break adventure ever!

The winter provides endless amounts of activities from snowboarding and skiing to snowmobiling and sleigh riding. And don’t worry, even if there is no snow, you can still enjoy the great outdoors by, for example, hiking or mountain biking. Either way, Icepeak has got you covered with the warm and water-resistant Autumn-Winter 2019-2020 collection. This way you’ll be able to fully focus on the fun outside.

Here are a few essentials that you need to pack with you for the ski break adventure:


 For Her; Icepeak Fonda jacket & trousers set

  • Durable and waterproof material
  • The perfect set for all kinds of outdoor activities
  • You don’t have to compromise on style with this outfit
  • Regular fit

For Him; Icepeak Clayton jacket and Colwell trousers

  • A little neon explosion to brighten up the grey days
  • Both jacket and trousers are taped, making them perfectly waterproof
  • A.W.S. EXTREME products can handle even the most extreme conditions

For Him and Her; Icepeak Almonte Mr. and Ms.

  • To match with your partner in crime
  • The weather does not matter as these keep your feet warm and dry in both wet and cold conditions

In this gear, you’ll be unstoppable on your ski break adventure.