WOOHOO! December is already halfway through folks, and the holidays are approaching quickly! There are so many reasons, why people find this the most wonderful time of the year. We are also super-duper excited to meet reindeer Rudolf and even more excited to see what kinds of awesome gifts Father Christmas has prepared for us!

Why we love December so much is because it is the time when families finally find the time to spend some quality time together. Usually, we are so busy we forget to ask how our loved ones really have been. Still, some of us might not be so excited to meet our weird aunties asking awkward questions about our love life, studies etc. Icepeak has a few tips and tricks for avoiding these types of uncomfortable situations with your relatives. The ultimate all-time favourite is the following: just swift the attention to somewhere else! For instance, there are plenty of winter outdoor games that create a diversion. Here are a couple of nice games that you can play outside with your family, relatives and friends during the holidays:

  • Snow fight (Oldie but goodie, make sure your snowballs are loose enough.)
  • Rope Snow Tug (Just use a trench a mid-line and you are good to go.)
  • Snowman Frisbee (Try to land a hat on the snowman’s head.)
  • Sledge hill (See who can slide furthest.)

Secondly, during the holidays one usually finds more time to hit the slopes. We can’t get enough of the speed and adrenalin! What could possibly be better than enjoying the beautiful scenery and feeling the wind turning your cheeks rosy. Make sure you slay the slopes in some nice-looking clothes!