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Icepeak is in co-operation with several top athletes around the world.

Toyota Gazoo Racing team

The Toyota Gazoo Racing team and the Finnish sports clothing brand Icepeak have entered into a collaboration agreement. Icepeak will provide clothing for the Toyota Racing team and, as part of the agreement, Icepeak’s logo will be seen on the team’s clothing, rally cars and transportation equipment.

”Toyota is a well-known brand, and we are very satisfied that the Toyota Gazoo Racing team has chosen Icepeak as an official clothing partner. Icepeak is one of the biggest sporting brands in Europe, and collaboration with Japanese Toyota means joining forces with an internationally well-known company. It will increase Icepeak’s visibility on a global scale,” says Panu Suominen, Icepeak’s brand director. ”Icepeak’s global look and always technical details fit perfectly with Toyota.”
The team principle of the Toyota Gazoo Racing team, Tommi Mäkinen: “We are very glad to be working together with Icepeak in our team wear. Most important to us as a team is that the clothing is suitable for the job, durable and of good quality, which reflects our way of working in general.

The whole process with the clothing partner is important to us and the flow from the design to the order and all the way to the actual delivery has proven to be efficient and reliable.

The nature of rallying is to work in very different conditions, so this also demands a lot from our team wear. This new partnership will keep us warm when needed and also provides cooler choices for the hot conditions which we will encounter for example in Mexico.”

Finnish National Hockey Team

Sponsored By Icepeak

The Finns are passionate about icehockey and Finnish National Hockey team – Leijonat – is national pride and joy. Finland is considered a member of the “Big Six “, along with Canada , Russia, the USA , Sweden, and the Czech Republic. At the 2011 IIHF World Championship, Finland won a gold medal, beating Sweden in the final by a score of 6–1.

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Finnish Paralympic Committee

The Finnish Paralympic Committee is responsible for electing the Finnish team for the Paralympic Games. It also spreads information about disability sports, promotes research and training in this field, and wishes to broaden people’s view of elite sports. The Committee has chosen Icepeak as an official clothing supplier for the Finnish Paralympic Team competing at the 2018 PyeongChang Paralympics in South Korea.

Finnish Olympic Committee

The Finnish Olympic Committee is responsible for the core content of the Finnish sporting culture, from elite-level athletes to the public at large. The figurehead of the Olympic Committee is the Olympic team, and it gains a strong domestic partner in Icepeak. The Finnish Olympic team will wear apparel designed and manufactured by Luhta Sportswear Company in PyeongChang in 2018, in Tokyo in 2020, and in Beijing in 2022.

Turkish National Ski Jumping Team

Promoted By Icepeak

Ski jumping is very popular among sports spectators and TV audiences in Scandinavia and Central Europe. In Turkey, the sport is gaining popularity all the time. The first generation of Turkish ski jumpers are training under the lead of Pekka Niemelä, the head coach, together creating a ski jumping culture for the future generations. By managing to reach the World Cup level, the Turkish team has already made big progress.

Tristan Jeskanen

Sponsored By Icepeak

Tristan Jeskanen is a Finnish-American luger competing for Finland. In 2015, Jeskanen became the first Finnish luger to qualify for the Luge World Cup. His debut in Lake Placid was rewarded with 12 World Cup points. Previously under the US flag, Jeskanen won several medals at Junior World Cups, both in team relay and doubles events. In 2014, he won the US Junior National Championship. Now, his next step is to pursue his Olympic dream under the Finnish flag.

Akwasi Frimpong

Sponsored By Icepeak

The only Olympic athlete representing Ghana

Akwasi Frimpong, the Dutch-Ghanaian, sponsored by Icepeak, long distance sprinter spent 8 years of his childhood in a one-room home with his grandmother and nine other children. These tough, long years not only taught Akwasi perseverance, but also made him realize that the best talent often remains underdeveloped and unexplored due to socioeconomic equalities and lack of access to basic necessities in the most deprived communities of the world.

Today, when Akwasi has become an acclaimed athlete and is ready to grab a spot and compete in the 2018 winter Olympics, he believes that it’s time to give back and contribute to the development of his native country, Ghana. He has founded the first Ghana Bobsled and Skeletal Federation that works to defend the sporting interests of its members and provide them all the support and facilities they need to take part and compete in international sports events.

In addition to Ghana, Akwasi has been investing a lot of time and efforts in contributing something on a social level to the young people in the Netherlands since he was fifteen. Currently, he is also engaged in various service projects in the USA. One such project is the GoldenSprint Challenge Invitational that aims to inspire the youth to participate in sports. The program not only involves young volunteers in organizing sports events, but also offers them indoor training and serves the traveling needs of international athletes.
In 2016, Akwasi was voted into Utah Valley University Alumni board of directors and in 2017 the international NGO organization ‘Right to Play’ made him an Athlete Ambassador with the focus on Ghana, Netherlands and USA.

Currently, Akwasi is training very hard and being the only participant competing under the Ghanaian flag he hopes to write history for Ghana in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.