ICEPEAK brand continues to cooperate with SmartSnow

ICEPEAK brand continues to cooperate with SmartSnow mountain skiing school chain. SmartSnow school was founded in 2009 and has been specializing in teaching mountain skiing and snowboarding, as well as consulting and providing services on instructor management organization at ski resorts. Currently mountain skiing and snowboarding schools using SmartSnow techniques are joined into the same name chain, located in Moscow Region, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, and in Lithuania and Austria. For the moment SmartSnow is major mountain skiing and snowboarding school with more than 200 professional instructors in the Eastern Europe.

SmartSnow is a program for systematic multistage teaching of mountain skiing and snowboarding based on Austrian techniques. The program is designed to learn skiing and snowboarding effectively and in a short time. There are three partials of success: techniques, instructor and desire. All instructors are qualified according to the international standards and have certificates of the National League of Instructors, which gives lectures according to the standards of competent International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA).

We are proud of the fact that ICEPEAK brand clothing was chosen by bright, young and talented sportsmen from SmartSnow School for everyday skiing. So far as instructors not only help to hit it on, but also are opinion leaders and experts in the sphere of outfit, which enables us to promote ICEPEAK brand in Russia with maximum efficiency.